The Great Fig Bake Off

Here at Fig Creative, we’re not just good at marketing…turns out, we’re pretty decent bakers too! As part of Fig’s efforts to raise money for local charity Community Companions (and due to our love of cake), we’ve been donning our aprons and checking our soggy bottoms, all in an effort to be crowned Fig’s Best Baker! For the... Read more »

Glossop Life goes on its holidays!

Our Glossop Life doesn’t half get around! Earlier in the summer,  our Sales & Marketing Assistant Becky headed off to Glastonbury with a copy, where it was snapped at the Pyramid Stage with three of its biggest fans. (Reports that it was last seen tucked away under Dolly Parton’s arm as she went back to the tour... Read more »

A day in the life of Alison Parsons, Account Executive

  There’s no such thing as a typical day at Fig but one thing always stays constant and that’s my need for a hot cup of coffee as soon as I arrive in the office! From there, my day starts by checking through my messages and media alerts to flag up what is most urgent... Read more »

Fig Creative breathes new life into the Peak Health Clinic

Philip Stock, MSc (Physiotherapy), BA (Hons), Grad Dip Phys Chartered and HPC Registered Physiotherapist, came to Fig earlier in the year to discuss a new website for his sports injury service, Peak Health Clinic. Although he already had a website, it was run by an external provider who had registered it in their name, which... Read more »

John W Swindells builds for the future with Fig Creative

New Mills building company John W Swindells came to Fig recently, asking us to create a one page website. ‘Simple’ you may think. ‘Shouldn’t take long at all’. However, building a one page website can sometimes be as tricky as constructing an all-singing, all-dancing 10 page interactive site. With a one page site, you have... Read more »

Everyone can write… right?

We all write, usually every day even if it’s just an email, but can you write to sell more? Writing to sell more is the art of communicating effectively with your target audience to gain their attention, interest and desire your product or service offering and take action. In short this is called AIDA. Sounds... Read more »

Excellence in customer service is good for business

We all appreciate good customer service don’t we? How many of us will just not go back to that restaurant or that shop or deal with that energy company again when you’ve received poor service. Many people will complain but even more people will just not go back! If customer service is high up on... Read more »

Awards are more than a pat-on-the-back

Having just completed two trade industry submissions for two clients and another three on the table to write for DNCC Business Awards 2014, it begs the question, why do businesses put themselves through this process? Is it just vanity? As marketing professionals, we know that as well as providing a welcome pat-on-the-back for all your... Read more »

Living our values

With eight new staff in the past four months my team has doubled very quickly and i felt a need to do a more formal induction than we’ve done in the past. Writing my presentation was an interesting exercise as it made me think about Fig, who we are, our values and how we work... Read more »

Fig Creative shortlisted for the CIM Northern Awards 2014

Fig Creative is thrilled to be shortlisted in the prestigious CIM Northern Awards in the Northern Agency of the Year category. The awards, which are hosted by Chartered Institute of Marketing, aim to bring together the most dynamic and innovative creative agencies across the North West to celebrate the very best in marketing. We have... Read more »