The WHP Federation are a different class

The WHP Federation, a collective group of schools in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire contacted Fig recently for help with a special project. One of the schools within the collection – Bramcote Hills Comprehensive School – came to us with a special request – to bring their school sports teams to life! Bramcote Hills has four sports teams – Welbeck Warriors; Newark Knights; Sherwood Sharks, and Trent Tornados – and had recently held a competition within the school for students to design a […]

Digital Trends For 2014

There are two digital trends that marketers should not ignore in 2014 – mobile and social media advertising. These two marketing elements are set to become huge trends for 2014 and beyond, so we’ve put together a blog to explain why this is and what you should be doing to keep pace with the latest developments in digital marketing. Mobile One of the primary focus areas for 2014 will undoubtedly be mobile. As Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in his […]

Colours In Advertising

Lucy Moore is a 14 year old student from Glossopdale, who recently spent a week with Fig Creative on work experience. On her final day, she wrote a blog about some of the things she did with us here.   During my time working with Fig Creative for my Work Experience Placement, I was set the task of researching colours used in advertising and logos (food logos in particular). As well as noticing things I probably wouldn’t have before, I […]

Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings. Flowers start to grow, the fields are full of cute, gamboling lambs – we even start to see a little bit of extra daylight. It’s a great boost to the spirits after the cold, hard slog of winter. And this year, even the economy is showing signs of life. A recent survey of 1500 micro-businesses* found that 78% reported they would ‘definitely’ or were ‘very likely’ to launch new services and initiatives, […]

Richard Nash

We received an email this morning with the very sad news that Richard Nash had died. Richard lived in Glossop but worked at Tameside Council  in economic development. Richard led on a number of projects to support SME’s in particular, I attended a number of these. They were always well organised and relevant. Richard was very proactive in his role, sharing information and making introductions between businesses and many tributes I have seen this morning pay  testament to this. He […]

Don’t be afraid to make an exhibition of yourself!

No-one likes a show off. It’s not the British way, is it? We’re meant to be shy, quiet and retiring – not loud and in your face. Even if we know we’re the best at something, we’re not meant to acknowledge it…are we? Well if it’s your business you’re talking about – YES! Whether it’s through local advertising, direct mail, email campaigns, billboards or any other form of marketing, make sure that your audience know that YOU are the best […]

Why it’s the perfect time for colleges to increase their marketing efforts

For many years, university has often been seen by the general population as the only real one to have a successful career, which has often been to the detriment of colleges. However, times are changing in the world of education, making this the perfect time for colleges to increase their marketing efforts and really communicate to people the benefits that they offer. With the tripling of student fees and the lack of job opportunities, many new graduates feel that their […]